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Guide - Effect Events

First off Effects locations

events are in


text is in


effect basic information


effect images are in


A long list lets first go over the actual effect information.

This is the information displayed by effects when they are made.
name - name of the effect it is auto capitalized best to use lower case for the effect calls more on that later
file - the image file pulled from libs/otherlib/images/effects/
description - our flavor text
counter - the default starting counter.
counterdescription - this is flavor text for the counter will appear as counterdescription counter


So how do events work.  Well that's pretty simple every turn events are made for every effect called nameeffect ( pregnanteffect, sickeffect, milfeffect, etc) They are just handled like normal events divided in to two categories effects are changed and checked in those events by eveeffectcheck and eveeffectchange.

Lets talk about check first you can check on 2 things exist or exists (both work) and counter.  eveeffectcheck

check exist is 
label = "effectname" -- name of the effect
exists (exist) = "true" or "false" -- does the girl have the effect

check counter

label = "effectname" -- name of the effect
( exist is auto set to true as you can't check a counter if it doesn't exist)
counter = "-1" -- variable to check against
check = "eq" -- type of check eq, ne, gt, lt

Those are it for checks, now on to changes.  eveeffectchange

add or remove

Adding or removing the effect from the girl.

label = "effectname" -- name of the effect 
add = "true" -- add the effect
remove = "true" -- remove the effect
percent = "100" -- odds that the girl learns the effect
--- the below 3 are used with add or remove to check agaist existing variables to add or remove and percent can be used with them.
class = "#health"  -- a variable to check against
checkvar = "30" -- the variable sum
checktype = "gt" -- the check type

counter change

Changing the number of counters on the girl.  It will try even if the effect is not on the girl.

label = "pregnant"  -- name of the effect
counter = "-1"   -- the addition to the counter  280 + (-1)  = 279

That is it on effects and there options all previous information on them is wrong.


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