Sunday, December 9, 2012

Auto Sale Working

So lets go over how pregnancy is supposed to work.

Girl Becomes Pregnant -> Birth  Split ( baby is tubed (cost), baby is auto sold (cheaper))  -> baby is removed from tube grown split (boys are auto sold, girls are sold if auto is on or pushed to the pens.)

I want to do that your children can become assistants but it is a lot of extra work to make new assistants.   Lots of internal issues.  I may still do it later on.



  1. I'm curious what the actual story will be behind pregnancy and the tubes and all. It seems pretty obvious that a normal pregnancy length isn't exactly feasible, since it would take almost 300 days in the game. I'm also guessing the tubes have something to do with resolving a similar problem, namely having to wait several years for offspring to be old enough to be useful.

    I'm sure you could work out some system or items to affect how long pregnancy takes. Or you could just arbitrarily lessen the time -- and then make up something or other like a magical effect in the area. The latter seems a whole lot easier.

  2. and how about just making your kids when there grown into new slaves, to be used by you or customers. Boy or girl.