Monday, December 3, 2012

Back to pregnancy

Working on making babies and the interface for the labratory.  Also added a new effect and events to go through them.  pregnant_father about at the point where sex actions can be linked with them though need to add some contraceptives .  I'm thinking of Koneko punch as the name of the contraceptive.



  1. That is so a reference to Highschool DxD. xD And good to hear you're able to knock out the problems you keep finding too.

  2. Highschool DxD light novel is so good. Wish more harem took this way its silly and so much fun to read. Champione! was close but damn give the main character an ability that's not so damn hard to read...

  3. How to play the latest version of the game? All I see is an outdated download.

  4. Would be intressted in that too?

    is there any actual Download or only that November one (but thats from last year..)

    I'm looking regulary on your page and can't wait to get pregnancy support in this game...

  5. really good work so far, but i would like to play a stable version or so.
    I hope there will be one in the near future.

  6. I would think a punch from Koneko would kill a regular human, since she can nearly kill the other devils with that punch. lol

  7. sorry daisy but a few of us are getting a bit antsy mainly because u can only play a game so many times before getting bored or frustrated when seeing new releases that u have no access too like the wakfu anime thats only available in france

    1. you just need an svn client like turtoise, and then you pass it the web location of the svn you wish to download. think its the turtoise trunk actually. the real problem with the game is girls don't get paid for whoring out and they won't gain classes anymore, so its basically broken.

    2. Quick instructions for getting the SVN version:

      go here to download/install tortoiseSVN:

      Open Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder you want to download the game to. Right-click on some whitespace, you should see some options for tortoise. Choose SVN Checkout. Repo you need is:

      Check the right destination is set, leave everything else. OK will start the checkout.

      Update is even easier, just right click the folder created by tortoise (should be called otherworldgame and usually has a green tick overlaid on the icon) and select SVN Update.

      As per the previous reply, this is a development version so inherently unstable/unfinished, sometimes unplayably so.

  8. Any chance of an update about getting new forums up and running?