Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thank you all. Wow!

So first off thanks to all those who donated.  We have already raised enough for six months of servers.


The question now is keep the donate button up or not.  So I want to hear what you guys think should it stay up?  If so I will use it to make sure we have server for a year and that the domain name is good for a LONG time.  But after that I'm not sure.  I want to use the money on translating H-manga that's just my favorite type of bribery.  Anyways goal is met and blog will show that.  Your thoughts will be welcome.



  1. I say, leave it up. Get 1 year of hosting + domain behind you and then maybe get the community to poll/vote on what to do with the rest. Be it translating a h-manga (voting would be cool here too ^_^) or something else entirely.

  2. I agree, leave it up and get hosting and domain costs sorted then have a poll with ideas about what to do with whats left, I hesitate to say translate h-manga because every ones personal kinks are different and it could be hard to find one that all your fans and supporters like.

    I think if you can raise enough, a short term hire of another programmer to help get features done and bugs fixed faster? (this is where my vote would go)or a programming workshop course for yourself, as these sort of thing will ultimately benefit the game and make it better.

    In short a poll with as many possibility as can be would be best in my opinion.

  3. Keep the donation button up. It won't hurt anyone, and a little moral support from someone's wallet will help keep your spirit up, whether for your server or for a quick snack at your favorite fast food place.

  4. i agree, just leave the button, you can always improve your sofware programs to make the game more streamlined if you like, and those progs don't come cheap but they'll be a secondary benefit to us "users".

  5. I agree with all the above especially the one about sharing said translated mangas.

  6. A good idea with extra might be to fund a dedicated file server for downloads.