Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Fixes catnap from crashing if you don't have the cat mimicry class.

Hotfix Sendspace

Hotfix Rapidgator

This fix is on the SVN.

There are reports of other crashes and I will look at them tonight.



  1. Thx for your game, I want register in your forum for post a new girl (kushina Uzumaki) and after 2 errors of code, the forum send me :
    "Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!
    This ban is not set to expire."

    And now I can't use your forum .... WTF ?

  2. One thing that i would really like is a detailed toturial on how to use all the new buttons cause everytime i tried to play i have no idea what in the world im doing the new setup has constantly baffled me click on one something else unexpected happens or i somehow crash my game cause this and that arent supposed to be there im hoping playing the released version will help but im not holding out much hope

  3. Iaposteb send me your email and I will manually register you.

    dragonF its coming slowly but steady. Unfortunately tutorials take forever to write and implement.


  4. laposteb

    thx daisy !

  5. Should be in your e-mail now.


  6. It's don't work again ><
    after enter my login this message come :
    "Sorry laposteb, you are banned from using this forum!
    This ban is not set to expire."

    I don't now what ...
    I erase cookie for connect again of forum ...
    I have try reboot my box too ..

    take my work, I can't share of forum :!tYVB2RjK!F7QUtWBoyMhWe0ItXF5wqFkl_PACiNbTKNKQTT9E_Ps

    A little screen for see :

    Sorry for my english ^^

  7. Ok I am register in your forum with "Alfred" name xD
    I post kushina girl :)

    If you can change my name in laposteb, I take :p