Thursday, June 13, 2013

Laboratory Update

I have an announcement to make I can't spell Laboratory.  So all the crap is misspelled in the xml... not going to fix it.  For the first time in a while work has settled.  So added a few things to the laboratory, it now shows how many days it takes for detubbing.  You can also buy steroids to speed up the process.  Hopefully will have the help and a few other things fixed for the laboratory and pregnancy as the week goes along.



  1. how can in download the update?
    dont find a download option :/

  2. Hi, this is unrelated to this particular update, but I wanted to let you know that one of your links in the sidebar has gone dead. The link for "Images Of Otherworld" goes to a Mediafire page, but Mediafire has removed the download for violation of their terms of service.

    Perhaps use Imgur, or some other hentai-friendly site, instead?

  3. the download from the torrent is still named Rainy April
    is this the lastest version?

  4. to my understanding the update is to the SVN (aka developer's alpha), not a new build of the game. link to the new SVN is in one of the previous posts. You can use tortoisesvn: to download the alpha. be warned though it can be ridiculously buggy, and is often updated.

    if you don't know how to use svn just spend 15 minute on google and look it up.

  5. Just think of a mad scientist going "Luh-BOAR-a-TORY!".