Monday, February 4, 2013

The return of Tera and a few other people

Fixed the rather pesky bug that was causing the blurring images.  Tera, Terresa, and a few other are back are not a wad of image gunk.  The problem when it came it down to... there was no scaling for smaller to bigger just bigger to smaller... resulting in small pictures becoming was to big in weird directions.



  1. Hi I'm new, where you have placed the link to the update, or have to download the whole game again?

  2. i think you're gonna have to use the SVN to update your game Anon

    As for me, how do you train the housepet skills without your assistant? i keep getting this error when i try to get her to do it and i can't raise my slave's catgirl skill for the quest.

  3. for some reason resting stops working, it gives a "Rest job test" message

  4. Does the lamia assistant pic show up slightly distorted for anyone else? (-_-)