Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tiring Night

Basically I want to point out the asshole (me) and the Help! section over on the right hand side.  I want to be the most encouraging helpful person on the planet, but that is just not me.  And I am tired of "where can I down load the game", comments on the blog or e-mails.  Another is the "I can't play the game."  The download one to me is just amazing and yet it is so common it makes me fear for humanity.  

For all those new and old we have a thing called forums.  Forums are designed so that the community can share an answer.  So that common problems are discussed and solved.  So that we as a people can communicate with one another.  It's not like the top of the blog as said for years don't post comments go talk on the forum.  

I do tech support for a living both low level and high level and it is soul wearing enough with out having to do it for a hobby.  No matter what level it is though the majority of questions are solved with a link to the FAQs.  People just don't feel the motivation to look and see the down load links on the top right hand.

Also I don't want to hear any complaints about the forum is too hard to log into.  Its a tuning test not to see if your a bot but to see if your competent enough to discuss anything on the forum or just be a lurker.


P.S. For those who have read this wall of text and then leave a comment I will find you and kill you.


  1. Challenge Accepted

  2. LoL, kill me if you must but you've misslinked forum in Help! to:

  3. I don't want you to kill me; but, I did want to applaud you on your rant about people that can't seem to do the most basic things. From one tech to another I feel you, I would never have the time to do something else like make a game and tweak it. My days are over 12 hours long I just wanted you to know that there are others out there that understand.


  4. Not to be that guy.. or well loooks like guy number 6. Well damn I missed the gun on this one. But yeah know what we all need to do is calm down and take a second look at this intermediate problem you are currently experiencing and start back at step one. Is the computer plugged in?

    No joke when I had a tech support job that was suppose to be step one...

  5. *starts running* come on catch me if you can.

    This post is so full of truth.
    It is really astonishing, that when it comes to Computers so many People are acting linke ... you know what i want to say.

    If a Gorilla can handly an ipad, why can't most Humans?

  6. where can I download the game?

  7. well just remember Daisy, for every smart person, there are 100 idiots.
    its just the way things are..

  8. Lol, reading is sooo hard. Playing tech support for friends and family almost kills me I could not imagine strangers. I apologize for them.

  9. where can I download the game?

  10. Hey I wish to complain - the forum is too hard to log into.

  11. tl;dr

    1. Where can I download game?
    2. Your forum is too hard to sign up on.
    3. Are you a boy or a girl?
    4. Where is the function key on my computer?
    5. Do you like brownies? I like brownies.
    6. Please respond in as few words as possible. I don't have all day.

  12. Is this the form where you look for answers? It doesn't seem to be too hard to log into at all. And you kept mispeling form with an extra 'u', mite want to fix that.