Saturday, April 21, 2012

User's always break everything

So Rudi was telling me that he couldn't get money to update right for the whore jobs.  The main issue of course was that he was trying to do something I never even considered using the mult system and an on the fly variable as the variable to be multiplied by.   Well that works now.

Also for effects the tag label and name are interchangeable.  That one created a head scratcher.  It's the simplest things that turn out to take the longest to figure out.

I keep clearing Rudi_Stoned's list and he keep sending me new problems.  Oh well better to get them worked out now before we even get to the debugging stage.


Hmm... blogger changed there format and like any new toy it will drive you crazy until you figure it out.



  1. Sorry to keep you so busy, but I'm firmly convinced that we need to find and repair all big problems with the event system before we rely on it. The event system is a core part of the game now, controlling the program flow on many occasions. Later on, it will become even more important once (if?) quests and random encounters (think SlaveMaker here) are added to the game. The more content is added, the harder it will be to find the source of the bugs. So, in my opinion where on the right track here.

  2. Oh, and sorry for breaking everything :P