Monday, July 1, 2013

Help - Editor

Magmell is getting a loan shark.. and her script is big.  I could really use an editor to go through the script.  So if you feel like an english nazi please take a look at them report any changes on the forum. 


Thank you,



  1. The latest version from SVN hangs on loading - it gets to "Loaded Suiseiseki" quickly then stops (in both FF and Chrome, not that it should matter with Flash).

  2. Those with out invitations are not allowed to see my lady.
    --with out

    I would have every carpet bagger...
    --carpet bagger
    Carpetbagger is one word, but I'm not sure it really fits the context here.

    I turn such matters over to the trainer guild for collection they are very efficient.
    --for collection they are very efficient
    ++for collection. They are very efficient.

  3. Revision: 1357 works.