Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Official Mio Announcement

Official announcement, the next girl I will be working on is Mio from K-on. This shouldn't be that much of a surprise for those of you on the channel #slavemaker, or anyone who has been using Mugi.

The story right now is in the very early planning stages, but it will involve a pure lesbian story, as you train Mio for Mugi her owner and your assistant.

Goals, (or the buzz words this time around)

Assistant + Slave

Assistant and Slave combining together to make a story. (This is more a fun coding to me then anything that will matter to most players. Though of course Mugi continues to expand and can be used with any slave.) Mugi will actually grade your training on the fly and depending on her happiness will trigger events.

Mugi Happiness:

Mirror Dressing

Part 1:

This is the most difficult part to explain. Basically, why should the paper doll dress only have one picture, shouldn't it mirror the stats of the slave? If the slave is a nympho won't she wear her dress like a slut? If the slave is refined won't she wear her dress like a lady? So lets do it.

Part 2:

Shouldn't the assistant dress be similar to the Slaves? If the slave is wearing a school dress why not the assistant? Not only that but lets have the assistant mirror the stat based dress, sexy, refined, etc.

Part 3:

When a slave goes to work why does her dress change, when she is having sex, why is it a different dress? No I don't think I will be able to pull this off perfectly. But I do think that I will be able to have Mio wearing a school dress, or nude for the sex scenes to mirror them. Of course this depends on available images, but I think I can do it well enough that most people will be satisfied.




Training Focused

Mio will be much more focused on training then my previous slaves. Specifically I already have plans for Band, Maid, Cat Girl, Pony Girl, and any combination of those. I think we all agree its about time that we had a Maid School, and after all you are training her to be Mugi's slave a lady of refinement.

I need help

To pull this off I can use all the help I can get. So anyone interested in image editing please send me a PM, Mio will most likely have more images then I can count if I pull off the Mirror Dressing with any greatness.

Also anyone interested in futa editing please send me a tell. I pretty much refuse to put a penis on a perfectly good girl after Orihime and futa will not be in the main game. But I will be allowing a story less version where you don't have Mugi as your assistant and can just train Mio however you want. If you guys want futa in that version I will need pics edited.

The last thing I want to say is that this is the announcement and reservation of the girl. She is in no way at all close to being done, probably less then 2%, but I think with my record I can say she is in the pipe line.


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